Casey Callahan
The residue of reality, a memory. Indistinct layers of recorded and unrecorded personal history stack so closely together that they bleed onto one another. The events superpose and simplify through a process of collage that functions similar to constructed memory's fabricated, simplified, and overlapping experiences.The pressure of one another, changing the shape of each other, evolving with time. The result is a simulated version of reality.

Technological advances such as the cellphone camera have made it increasingly available for us to snapshot and file away a moment in time that our brain may not have even recognized or processed. I currently find myself capturing my life through my iPhone camera lens, as a way to desperately grasp onto memory. This collection of photos, videos and documentation have, through the process, become my memories or cues that hold information for my memory. They are something to start with, something to "remember from". This is the basis of my work. I am interested in the influence current technology has on the way we collect and recall memories. As well as how this mediated recollection of memory can often inform the construction and understanding of one's identity. I aim to explore the overlap of documented and delusional realities that occur in my everyday life by constructing my own autobiographical memories into physical objects. My work tends to gravitate toward painting, however I also create digital photo collages, video, installation and sculpture work. I am currently working on overlapping and intertwining all of these mediums. My large un-stretched canvas paintings incorporate sewn and collaged aspects as I weave the documented images with my organic memory. Painting layer upon layer they begin to transform into something of their own. In the end, the work becomes separate, and more real to me than the pilot memory.

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