David Perilo
I produce rustic flags of all kinds, from military, law enforcement, and other small business logos for clients. I make epoxy resin coffee tables, dining tables, end tables, or even wall art pieces made with live edge wood. I am an acrylic paint artist on canvas and wood, along with resin and acrylic fluid art. I focus very carefully on what people may want to see in their own homes and the quality that it needs to be in order for a person to want to call it their own and place it in their home. I feel honored every single time someone buys a piece from me because I know they thought long and hard about it, that they are going to place it on their walls, mantles, give it as a real gift to another person, child, soldier, mother, or father.
It all started around June 2018 when I found a passion I had long been trying to do my whole life. I knew I wanted to be a maker of sorts but I also wanted to be a painter, inventor, sculpture, woodworker and more.....but I just never could find the will, the way, or the guts to even try.
Now, this journey, has not been all glorious and instantaneously awesome!!! It has had its pitfalls, realizations, customizations, awkward conversations of the future and the present, it has called for all nighters with a one man team busting out as many orders as possible to stay afloat! It hasn't been glorious, but I will say its produced some of the best memories I will ever have with the co-founder of this company, my pop, Efraim Frank Perilo.
It all started while I had an amazing full time job doing what i use to do best and it showed with being promoted three times within one year. Unfortunately things didn't quite work out the way I had planned, so one chapter ended and another began.
My passions have grown and my experience was accelerated with the amount of time and support I have. I went from ruining one water heater in the basement due to dust, to building a new shop in the backyard where I live. A small quaint, but very suitable 12'x16' shed kit put together by myself and pops.
Of course I kept working even when the sun went down and no one else had energy. Its my life's goal to get this business going and running for lifetimes to come. Like I said before my passions are broad, specific, and numerous. I have only scratched the surface of things I plan on creating, learning, and selling to good hardworking people.
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E-mail: info@theshowcaseapp.com
Phone: (402) 739-9725
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