How It Works
We help to connect you to the Art scene in your City!
For Art Buyers
Finding Local Art and Artists
Art and artists may not always be readily available, we help you find them when they're not showing.
Making it easier to buy and add to your collection
In just a few easy clicks you can purchase or subscribe to your dream work of art for 3 months or until you own it.
Delivering One of a kind works of art
That artwork is then hand delivered at your covienence.
For Artists
Creating a Virtual Gallery
We give you a platform to showcase pieces that aren't currently on display and possibly collect monthly revenue.
Professional Pictures of your art
No pictures of your art? No worries! We can provide photography and videography services to help you set up your profile.
Connecting you to local Art Buyers
Life happens you cant always make it out to promote your art work. Let us promote your pieces for you while you sleep!
Lease artwork
See something you like, but it's out of your budget? No problem! Showcase allows you to pay for art in small monthly fees. Giving you the freedom to keep that piece of artwork as long as you like or until it's paid off. (3 month minimum)
Rotation Model
Want a taste of art without the long-term commitment? Want to enjoy local art without having to leaving your home? Join our rotation program and swap out your art every 3 months.
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We send you news about the art, events and oppourtunities in your area. Find out what's going on in your community!
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