Linda Hatfield
My training and background are in graphic design and I feel like it is very obvious in my current work.

Pyrography is defined as the art or technique of decorating wood by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point.

I have worked in pyrography and acrylic for many years. I love the addition of the texture and smoke that working with a wood burning tool adds to the creative process. Birch is my preferred wood, but I have used many different types of surfaces. It is always interesting to try something new.

My work seems to resonate with viewers as it is frequently a commentary on universal themes. I often touch on very serious issues with a very quirky cartoon style. It makes an interesting juxtaposition of expectation and the actual image.

I most often start with the title and "illustrate" that. I am frequently inspired by bits of overheard conversation or odd turns of phrase. I enjoy taking the left brain 'words" and creating the image that I "see" in my right brain.

It has taken tenacity and courage to show the very unique medium and style but I absolutely love creating these pieces and I truly believe people "buy your JOY"

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Created: March, 2018
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